High-tech automation field

Utilize design errors as a pre-verification method by reviewing robot workability between products and facilities designed in 3D virtual space

  • • Review of robot workability
  • • Review of interference due to design errors between facilities
  • • Review work feasibility according to work sequence within the automation process
  • • Review of safety areas that protect workers and facilities from robots

Robot program creation and cycle time verification using virtual 3D environment robot and RRS/RCS

  • • Verification of design errors in the design stage before production
  • • Reduce work time for field workers through offline program work
  • • Respond to short delivery schedules by compressing the overall line stabilization period

Measures the random operating position of a robot installed in the field as a method to correct robot manufacturing/installation errors.

Simulation Tool
V5 Robotics
Safety Field
Core Development
  • • New Technology
  • • New Production method
  • • Advanced material
Application Development
  • • Project Management & Development
  • • Product development
CAE & Evaluation
  • • Pre verification
  • • Product validation
Future Mobility
  • Illuminated
    Lighting function
  • MSB
    Motorized Seat Belt
  • WBS

    (Wireless Buckle Switch)

    Wireless Seat Belt
  • EVS
    Electrical Sensor
  • ELB
    Electrical Buckle
  • EHA
    Electrical H/Adjuster
Electronic system for self-driving cars + seat-embedded belt system