Code of Ethics
Wooshin makes ethical management the basis of its corporate management and is doing
its best to fulfill its ethical responsibilities beyond simple compliance with its economic and legal responsibilities.
We will not exercise undue influence under any circumstances and aim to become a company that receives the trust and love of
all stakeholders under the principle of coexistence.
Human Respect

We strive to prevent inhumane treatment of all executives and employees, either mental or physical.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to secure the trust of customers by improving the quality of products and services.

Shareholder Respect

We protect shareholders’ investment returns by creating long-term, stable profits through rational management activities. We record and manage the business activities and financial status of the company in accordance with due accounting standards.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with the working conditions standards set forth in the labor-related laws and regulations of each country and region, ensure that working conditions meet such standards, and fulfill our social responsibilities in accordance with national policies and all laws and regulations

Prohibition of forced labor and child employment

We do not force employees to work against their free will by oppressing their mental or physical freedom through assault, intimidation, or confinement, etc. We comply with the minimum employment age set by the laws of each country and region. Provided that, in Korea, the Labor Standards Act applies and only hires people over the age of 18 and does not assign jobs that are harmful to safety and health.

No Discrimination

We do not provide disadvantageous treatment in recruitment or personnel for reasons such as equal employment between men and women, disability, marriage status, religion, political orientation, or social status, etc., and provide equal opportunities and fair and equal treatment based on abilities and achievements.

Working hours

We comply with the prescribed working hours, overtime working hours, and holidays-related regulations set forth in the labor-related laws and regulations of each country and region. In the absence of relevant laws and regulations, the domestic Labor Standards Act applies.

Wages and Benefits

We guarantee the minimum wage to all executives and employees in accordance with the labor laws of each country and region, and pay overtime wages in accordance with the same laws in the event of unavoidable overtime work. In order to maintain a clean organizational culture, we contribute to improving the quality of work motivation and establishing a sound corporate culture.

Transparent management

We do not use the company's assets for personal gain, and if there is a conflict with personal interests while performing the company work, we give priority to the company's interests and realize legitimate profits through transparent decision-making and efficient management activities.

Prohibition of corruption

All executives and employees shall not request or receive any form of monetary or non-monetary benefit from stakeholders in connection with their work, and shall maintain the company's honor and personal dignity and conduct ourselves in a manner that earns respect and trust from our customers.


All executives, employees and partner companies establish a safe work environment based on Wooshin System's code of ethics and fulfill their responsibilities. This code of Wooshin System may be changed reasonably as necessary, and improvement may be requested by visiting the workplace of the partner companies to evaluate compliance with this code.

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